Thursday, September 6, 2012

School Days, School Days

Confession: I love my kids, but....

I am not having a hard time saying goodbye to the summer! Sure I'll miss the cookouts and pool parties, sleeping later and a more lax schedule, but after almost 3 moths, I. Need. My. Space. For Pete's sake people, it's all that I have!
Just in case you're not fully on board, I've prepared a little helper list for you.

5 things that will help you say goodbye to summer (just in case you're having a hard time)

1. If you're a large busted girl- and lets face it I am, I have 2 words for you: boob sweat.

2. The earlier it gets dark, the earlier I can convince the kids to go to bed.

3. The 3 loads of towels a day can stop.

4. It's easier to hide figure flaws in jeans and hoodies than in bathing suits and sundresses. 

And 5. The #1 thing that will ease the pain of saying good bye to summer...

The kids will be gone for 6 hours a day! 

I realize this makes some moms sad. I assume they must be those with very quiet, calm, exceptionally well behaved children. Or those with really good drugs. Either way, not me.

Bring on the fall!


Carolyn said...

Goodbye boob sweat!

Pam Creech said...

I am new to the blogging world and have just discovered yours. I feel like I'm reading about me! I love your humour and style.

Ty Knighten said...

LOL! I couldn't agree with you more for all the same reasons. I love the blog and I am now a new follower. Come by and say hello.

menopausal mama said...

Hell ya I'm with you on this one--the boob sweat, the wet towels and those pesky things called bathing suits. Bring on the bulky hoodies and fire pits for marshmallow roasting! Bonus: kids out of house PLUS after school activities=peace and quiet for mom!!! Thanks for sharing such a great blog post--I needed a good laugh!

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cute shoes for kids said...

Goodbye bathing suits and sundresses! Finally I can hide my purple veins! ha.

cute shoes for kids said...

Goodbye swimwear and sundresses! Finally i can hide my purple veins. ha!